Video series: How mediation works

This video series is intended to demystify the mediation process and help you prepare for your first mediation, whether as a party or counsel. My second video series on K&R and Co-Mediation is produced in collaboration with Jon Whitworth. I now have a third video series, this time on Online Dispute Resolution.

01. An Introduction to Mediation

Mediation: pain killer or vitamin pill? What it can do for you?

02. Why go to mediation?

The reasons to go and the reasons not to. What happens if you don’t?

03. How do I choose a Mediator?

How to find the right mediator for you. How to avoid the wrong one.

04. What happens at mediation?

Walk through the stages and steps and learn who does what and when.

05. What is a mediation bundle?

What are mediation bundles? Preparing the document file - what to take and what to leave behind.

06. Are we having a Joint open session?

Are they a good idea? Do I have to meet the other side?

07. What are position statements?

How to set the scene and get your message across and how not to.

08. What is an opening statement?

Tips of what to say and what not to say.

09. Should I take someone with me?

Mediation can be lonely. Who should you take with you?

10. Do I need to take my witnesses?

Witnesses of fact and expert witnesses - see how they can help you or not.

11. How do I prepare for mediation?

Getting yourself in the right mindset. The 80/20 rule and your risk - reward ratio.

12. What do I take to mediation? What do I wear?

Practical advice to make the day as stress-free as possible.

13. Making and receiving offers at mediation

When and how to make them.

14. Settling a dispute at mediation – your terms

How do you record your agreement?

15. What is ODR?

Online dispute resolution. When and how to use it.

16. FAQs

What do most people want to know about?